Buy Nothing New Month

”I don’t see the need to consume that much,” said Patrick Zhou, a 36-year-old Shanghai lawyer with a two-year-old son. Mr Zhou said he and his wife each save about half of their income, which still leaves them with enough to eat out regularly and take a yearly holiday. ”We have our house. I have my car. We travel every year.’
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I have been on the Buy Nothing New site and made the pledge to buy nothing new in October. It really is Just Nous as far as I am concerned.

Personally I will take it a step further and dramatically reduce my purchases in at least six month of the year. I have way more than I need and do not need to buy new. As far as I am concerned enough has been made in the world to last us all a very long time.

However it does not surprise me that retailers are not fans of this program.

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2 responses to “Buy Nothing New Month”

  1. imogen88 says :

    This is a good balance, we will always need to buy new things at some time or another, but it’s good to re-use to keep things a bit more manageable!

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