iPad Art

Have an iPad or iPhone in your bag and you really never have to worry about keeping your mind occupied during long trips on public trains or while waiting for a doctor’s or dentist’s appointment.

This site promotes using iPads in the Art Room. This is way to limited an application for these little babies. These apps could be used in any classroom that caters for those students who like to work visually, but equally they can be applied in any place you go with an iPad. I will use them with a student I tutor but I can think of lots of activities that would spring from this.

For example, imagine a short story based solely on communication via a host of Ransom Letters, randomly posted, every day, on someone’s refrigerator. Come to think of it someone without a life could have a blog comprising of daily Ransom notes.

One response to “iPad Art”

  1. spiritedart says :

    Wow – now this post has just made my decision for me – lap-top is currently in on its way out and I couldn’t decide on another laptop or a tablet – thanks Heather – again 🙂

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