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Creative Goldfields Blogging

Heather Blakey is currently in the process of creating a hub to preserve and showcase the work of Continuing Education, Castlemaine, and in particular the Art Pathways Course.

Creative Goldfields Blogging is a platform for showcasing the diverse work that can be done using blogging technology.

Heather has been working with blogging technology since 1999. To discuss unique, highly individual ways of applying blogging technology and social media applications you can contact Heather via heatherblakey at fastmail dot net.

Reduce Re-use Recycle

I love what is happening at this site in Hobart. It is a wee far for a visit but happily there is a good resource at Eaglehawk in Bendigo. I have come home from there with some old concrete planters that suit my 1960’s house and will be visiting regularly to see what is on offer.

In Your Element

The element is the point at which natural talent meets personal passion. When people arrive at the element, they feel most themselves and most inspired and achieve at their highest levels. The Element draws on the stories of a wide range of people, from ex-Beatle Paul McCartney to Matt Groening, creator of The Simpsons; from Meg Ryan to Gillian Lynne, who choreographed the Broadway productions of Cats and The Phantom of the Opera; and from writer Arianna Huffington to renowned physicist Richard Feynman and others, including business leaders and athletes. It explores the components of this new paradigm: The diversity of intelligence, the power of imagination and creativity, and the importance of commitment to our own capabilities.

Buy Nothing New Month

”I don’t see the need to consume that much,” said Patrick Zhou, a 36-year-old Shanghai lawyer with a two-year-old son. Mr Zhou said he and his wife each save about half of their income, which still leaves them with enough to eat out regularly and take a yearly holiday. ”We have our house. I have my car. We travel every year.’
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I have been on the Buy Nothing New site and made the pledge to buy nothing new in October. It really is Just Nous as far as I am concerned.

Personally I will take it a step further and dramatically reduce my purchases in at least six month of the year. I have way more than I need and do not need to buy new. As far as I am concerned enough has been made in the world to last us all a very long time.

However it does not surprise me that retailers are not fans of this program.

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What Next?

The stage is set but the main writer, leading actor, director and stage crew seem to be having a break.

I might just have to improvise and make something out of nothing in order to occupy the audience before the third act begins.

Of course I could Reboot My Life again. Moving from the city to rural Victoria was my first step towards rebooting.

Composing a Lifestyle

It is a short walk to the Castlemaine Botanical Gardens from my home and I have been basking in the autumn colors there.

Making the decision to live alone in a regional town and removing myself from the mainstream workforce has meant that I need to compose a new lifestyle for myself.

If I do not want funds to dry up too quickly then I need to be prepared to cut my cloth according. My mother felt that she had to skrimp and scrap to make ends meet. Given the times in which they lived she did a remarkable job of providing for a young family on a limited budget. Family picnics in the great outdoors, with the bar-b-que and a host of home made food remain a fond memory.

These days I am looking back to some of the things my parents did for ideas about how to live now. As I wandered the web checking out ideas I have stumbled upon some interesting sites. A whole movement about living frugally has sprung up since the Global Financial Crisis changed so many lives. Lots of people are returning to a simpler lifestyle.

There is no way I want to spend my days extreme couponing to save money but within some of the material about being more thrifty I am reminded of activities that help me compose this new lifestyle.

Purging the Urge to Splurge offers fifty activities that do not dip into funds. If you can add any more suggestions or share your favorite destinations and warm memories that would be wonderful.