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Creative Use of Pinterest

It has always been the potential of web software that I have found most exciting. This page highlights a creative application of Pinterest.

Despite having been written in 2007 the Wild Garden Advent Calendar still provides lots of ideas about how to use freeware imaginatively.

Creative Goldfields Blogging

Heather Blakey is currently in the process of creating a hub to preserve and showcase the work of Continuing Education, Castlemaine, and in particular the Art Pathways Course.

Creative Goldfields Blogging is a platform for showcasing the diverse work that can be done using blogging technology.

Heather has been working with blogging technology since 1999. To discuss unique, highly individual ways of applying blogging technology and social media applications you can contact Heather via heatherblakey at fastmail dot net.

The Benefit of Boredom

s-BOREDOM-largeFor all the wonderful ways that smartphones make life easier and information more accessible, they’re also adding a whole lot of unnecessary distraction to our lives. After all, why walk, sit or simply wait when you could be tweeting or surfing Pinterest at the same time? But the truth is, we’re not programmed to be constantly in “go” mode, and this overstimulation can have some seriously negative health impacts, including higher stress levels, lack of focus and creativity, and technology addiction. Our solution? Good old-fashioned boredom.

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“Who would have thought being bored can be so productive? Slowing down and turning off all of the technology in our lives can be a great thing! Sometimes when we turn off our phones, computers and tv’s, we can actually feel ourselves turn off or wind down.”

Do you ever give yourself time to be bored? Do you find that slowing down helps you feel less stressed? What do you think are the benefits of putting down the iphone for more than a few hours a day?