Pinterest Prompts Story Telling

Now that I am a reborn Pinterest devotee you may not get a lot of sense out of me. As a visual person I just love wandering around people’s boards, checking out what it is that constitutes a board. This board, filled with amazing abandoned and dilapidated things reminds me of a writing prompt I put on Soul Food years ago. It was the Abandoned Farmhouse. I am also thinking that A.M, who has kept us all entertained at Soul Food with her ghostly tales, would find this board quite cool. She would also come up with some great boards to support her fabulous stories

4 responses to “Pinterest Prompts Story Telling”

  1. Barbara Banta says :

    Abandoned buildings are like a dream you only vaguely remember: compelling, mysterious, and poignant. Something deep inside whispers that you have lost so much and will never be able to retrieve it.

  2. traveller2006 says :

    ummmm food for thought here …. thanks ,Heather

  3. pearlz says :

    Yes, pinning is a lot of fun and can be a good resource for creativity – so much easier than paper pinning ..

  4. Anita Marie says :

    It does prompt stories- and ideas and here is one of mine:

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