Buyer Beware

Your funky pal is copyrighting the words Face and Book – and using your life for commercial gain.

THE news last week that Facebook had bumped millions of unsuspecting users onto new and unwanted ”Facebook” email addresses reminded me to remind you of something: Facebook is not your friend. Read more:

This article is a timely reminder to be prudent in the way you use internet applications that encourage you to regard complete strangers as friends. I used to tell students that if they put their personal details up in the local Coles Supermarket they would not attract the attention they want and that they should be careful in the use of Facebook. Like Twitter and other social networking programs it is wise to be careful about what you publish about yourself. These programs can be fabulous aids but they do have dark sides. The old adage of ‘Buyer Beware’ springs to mind.

For more about Social Networking check out these solid, common sense articles.

2 responses to “Buyer Beware”

  1. imogen88 says :

    Very good reading a different view and people do have to be careful!

  2. Edith says :

    I agree Heather but am not always certain that I am following my own advice! I have facebook (is that even how you say it??) but when I turn on my facebook page I get such a fright at looking at all the stuff on it that I don’t recognize that I run for cover and log out!! My eldest tells me I shouldn’t be allowed to have it!! 🙂

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