17 responses to “Learned about real Social Networking”

  1. Pelican1 says :

    So many things have change, it is hard to even keep up.

    • Heather Blakey says :

      It does get a bit hard. Too easy to forget some of those simpler times.

      • Peter says :

        Hi Heather… great family business story, Milk Bars are a part of Australian culture and I have a Blog called PetersMilkBar that I’ve just started and was hoping you didn’t mind me sharing this story on it. Also, how can I contact you via e-mail regards a photo of the shop. Thanks, Peter.

  2. imogen88 says :

    Agree, Lori. Heather a nice homage to your Mum and Dad.

  3. Sally says :

    Your childhood memories about your parents’ store is very sweet. I especially liked your description of their interactions with their customers. Lovely!

  4. Jill says :

    How beautiful – the reality of community as it was – feels as if we have lost a lot whilst moving forward.

  5. thalia says :

    Yours is a familar story regarding our parents and a way of life gone by. I feel like I have taken my mother’s unconditional love and her listening skills and applied them to many areas of my life like with loved ones, in hospice, in whatever social activity I’m involved with. And I have taken my dad’s motivation and artistry and applied them to my ways of being creative and my use of technology. How fortunate we can carry on with the lovely lessons learned from our parents even in a more complex world.

  6. Edith says :

    This is such a lovely memory. I remember my father often spoke longingly about the time he spent as a young lad up from the country finding his way alone in the big city, and it was to the milk bar in Dublin that he used to go and hang out. Thanks for the memory Heather!

  7. woodnymph says :

    Thank you for the pleasant memories. We’ve gained much in conveniences but have lost so much in doing so. I still to this day won’t shop in Walmart. They have driven out all the little stores.


  8. traveller2006 says :

    we always went to a local grocer’s shop where biscuits and sweets were stored in those old fashioned glass jars and ham was hand sliced off the bone and Mr Kirby always gave us a biscuit each. Those were the days indeed …

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