Just Because

Just because the heady days of the Soul Food Cafe have passed and some links are now broken does not mean the site is past its use by date. For those who are interested in learning in an online environment there is still gold to be found on this site. It is huge and, over the years, has changed the lives of many people and has been applauded by hundreds. It has had millions of visitors during its lifetime.

If you take the time, follow the links and explore the Aladdin’s Cave like vault that lies within, you will learn about the importance of Networked Knowledge

No apologies if you get lost. Am out of thread to guide you to the centre.

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11 responses to “Just Because”

  1. clumsygrrrl says :

    I found the Soul Food Cafe years ago. I was awake for hours in the middle of the night, just clicking and reading and reading and reading. I’d visit every couple of weeks to get lost inside again. Thankyou 🙂

  2. Heather Blakey says :

    Thank you so much. I love imagining you awake for hours clicking and reading and reading and reading. So pleased and I do like what you are doing at http://imageheavy.wordpress.com/

  3. Barbara says :

    Hi Heather, you’ll never even have a clue how much influence you’ve had on people. As a teacher you’ve reached so many young minds and given them the enormous gift of nurturing their inborn creativity. Perhaps that will be your greatest influence, but your work at Soul Food has plucked older folks like me out of the dark ages and introduced us to concepts we wouldn’t have even thought of exploring without you. Your mythical realm of Lemuria called out to us and we followed you heart and mind into a fantasy land that morphed into the cyber world! Who knew? I won’t kid myself by saying I can keep up to date with the Internet, but just the fact that I am here and using the amazing miracle we’ve been given is itself a testament to your skills as a teacher and your charm as l’enchanteur. I miss those days, but I value too much what you’ve helped me become to dwell in the past. Will I visit and remember? You bet I will, but you’ve opened up a future in a world even more amazing than Lemuria and Soul Food and this one is real. Now you’re back and challenging my curiosity again with justnous and opening yet more avenues of discovery. What can I say, but, “Thank you, and welcome back!”

  4. Edith says :

    Oh Heather, you know you are IT!!! You are just unique in the cyber world. You have graced so many, more than you will ever know, with the gift of creativity, helping those poor souls like me to follow the thread that guides them all the way back home. You laid down that golden thread upon the path, giving it little tugs now and then to encourage us to keep on writing and creating art. Thank you Heather from the bottom of my heart for EVERYTHING!

  5. Pelican1 says :

    Heather, the Soul Food Cafe changed my life and expanded my world in amazing ways to profound to put into words. Thank you for your visionary thinking.

  6. Heather Blakey says :

    And your contribution was monumental Lori. I will always be grateful for the role you played.

  7. Barbara says :

    Ditto, Heather! Lori was always there to bail us non techies out when we encountered glitches in our blogging attempts. And her videos had me in awe.

  8. imogen88 says :

    Heather, we really need to do a “This is Your Life” in your honour, or what about taking a holiday to visit each one you have taught all these years!! Of course I am only kidding, but you could have a jaunt instead of Priscilla, but she might get cranky being left out. LOL! Anyway, all this sad retro talk, SFC isn’t over, it’s just doing what it always did, changing. It’s the best world where I found Imogen Crest and the Hermitage and became a time travelling/hermit/artist/poet/picture maker/collage everything, and it’s the never ending story, it just never stops. I’ve been a traveller with a bird, a donkey, been on Caravanserai with other pilgrims, went to deserted retro drive-ins, visited all Anita Marie’s scary places and Halloween, had dress up parties in arenas and old theatres around the world, artist in residence at Riversleigh with Sibyl, visited sacred caves, islands and groves and went on daring adventures, dug in mines, honoured my ancestors, discovered most parts of Lemuria, but I bet there are still more, much more. And without SFC, how would we all ever have met anyway???? Bravo, Enchanteur!

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