Being Down to Earth

I will refrain, as a former secondary school teacher, with no desire to return to mainstream, from getting up on my soap box. Suffice to say I agree totally with the views of Down To Earth and think that this is ‘Just Nous.

Our education system still insists upon providing fodder for a capitalist society and, in doing so, has failed to prepare people for the time when capitalism falters or crumbles.

Having chosen to remove myself from mainstream work I am interested in much of what is written on this and other similar blogs.

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3 responses to “Being Down to Earth”

  1. imogen88 says :

    “Down to Earth” looks great, Heather.

  2. imogen88 says :

    And so does this blog, lots of interesting reading, as usual!

  3. Pelican1 says :

    This is useful blog for me to read that this time.

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