Visiting Lambley

Lambley Nursery were having their winter sale and it doesn’t take a lot of nous to recognize the value of a half price sale of lovely frost and drought proof plants.

Eugene von Guérard – A view from Mount Franklin towards Mount Kooroocheang and the Pyrenees 1864. Queensland Art Gallery, Brisbane

Lambley is just outside the historic gold field town of Clunes and the drive from Castlemaine, on a glorious autumnal day was spectacular. Since I have been living in the Gold Fields Region I have come to fully appreciate the traditional landowners connection with the land. Driving through the rich volcanic landscape to reach Lambley is a joy.

The day was completed by coming home and planting the acquired treasures in the front garden. Spring will bring a whole new look as bulbs emerge and flower and beauties, like Russian Sage, sprout and flower.

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One response to “Visiting Lambley”

  1. Suzanne says :

    I love the Von Guerrard painting you have posted here. It makes me homesick for Victoria. Maybe it’s time I returned home and settled down after all. Thinking about gardening too. Thanks for your inspiration

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