Blessings and filling Empty Spaces

I have had a close friend staying with me and she had a copy of The Magic with her. I confess that I have never been one to follow courses that set out and prescribe daily activities, not because they are not a good idea, but because I have felt constrained in some way.

There were a set of circumstances that made me particularly receptive to this book about practicing daily gratitude. Apart from anything I am in a moratorium period, gestating, examining the empty spaces, wondering who I am, what I am supposed to be doing, how I am to fill those empty spaces now that I am grown up.

So a book that talks about clearly stating dreams and which is a vehicle for doing a life review has some appeal.

In the course of mulling over all of this I was reminded of Sarah Ban Breathnach’s Day Book of Comfort and Joy and I stumbled upon Nearsighted Hindsight, a blog which provides an example of someone going through the process of giving thanks and expressing gratitude.

The process is helping me to fill the dance card, those free spaces of time.

It is all Just Nous really!

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2 responses to “Blessings and filling Empty Spaces”

  1. soulsister says :

    All I know is that every time I pick up a pen and write in my notebook or on the computer, that I feel gratitude for having your guidance and encouragement in my life. And I know I am not the only one. You led so many of us through the port hole into a realm of magical possibilities, and we are still exploring this land of dreams. I wish we could bring you back to that place, not to look backwards, but to feed your soul and to water the dry places, those spaces which have been lost to grief and far too much sorrow for one alone to carry. You know you are not alone Heather, don’t you? xxxxx

  2. Heather Blakey says :

    Heartfelt thanks Edith! I have warm memories of that space and place beyond the porthole.

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