Warming Soups

It is autumn here in Castlemaine, and, for that matter, autumn everywhere else in the Southern Hemisphere as well.

As the cold winds drift in from the Antarctic it is the time to pull out the beanies and scarves and to make superb soups to nourish the soul. It is just plain nous to have a container full of soup in the refrigerator, ready to dip into at all times of the day.

I have a bench full of ingredients, that I bought at a local farmers market this morning, just waiting to be turned into soup. There really is no comparison in the taste of the beautiful things I have lying out there. A cauliflower, some pumpkin, leeks and silver beet.

The cauliflower soup in this group of recipes includes chilli. Personally I use curry in mine and always add some really good quality goats cheese and a sprinkle of home grown parsley.

Anyone for a bowl of soup?

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2 responses to “Warming Soups”

  1. monkeyhillarts says :

    I always forget that you’re heading into the chilly time as we just begin to relax and kick off our shoes here, M. But yes…delicious soups are always fine with me. Indians knew long, long ago that ingesting hot foods cooled the body eventually. An interesting trick. And warm us in winter. How is that? I always put curry into my cauliflower soup too. Goat cheese would be divine. You are a Creative, my Muse, no doubt. Live well, darling, and keep teasing us with this nous life. I am enticed entirely…

  2. traveller2006 says :

    I love soups too and often put curry in mine but never thought to put goat’s cheese in. That sounds wonderful

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