Lying Fallow – When Nothing is Something

(of farmland) Plowed and harrowed but left unsown for a period in order to restore its fertility as part of a crop rotation or to avoid…

A piece of fallow or uncultivated land.
A pale brown or reddish yellow color.

Leave (land) fallow.

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From The Wintered Womb

Underneath the thrice ploughed, fertile, fallow field
Impregnated within a wintered, woven, womb
Of richly composted humus
I lay seeking sustenance, nourishment from
The oxygen filled wintered mist that
Drizzles, seeping, replenishing the amniotic fluids
That trickle through the membranous umbilical cord
Fertilizing, greening,
Ensuring a bountiful spring harvest.

Heather Blakey

To lie fallow implies to lie dormant, idle, inert, neglected, quiescent, resting, slack, uncultivated, undeveloped, unplanted, unplowed, unproductive, unseeded, untilled, unused, vacant.

It feels like I have been lying fallow, inert, dormant, idle even, for a long time. However the long period of silence and gestation has not been unproductive.  The earth of my being, after having been tilled relentlessly, needed a long period of rest and silence.

Only after a long silence have the nutrients been gradually restored.

Now I have come to really understand that doing nothing is actually doing something.

After quietly wandering around, peeking in some internet doors, I appreciate that I have not come up with a new idea and that a fallow period is actually a divine gift.

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2 responses to “Lying Fallow – When Nothing is Something”

  1. Pelican1 says :

    “Dolce far niente” = the sweetness of doing nothing. Check out this video clip from the film “Eat, Pray, Love” :

  2. Jill says :

    Beautifully put – so many of us struggle with allowing ourselves to lie fallow – in fact, to be nurtured. Your poem touched me deeply.

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