Nurturing Creativity

After I played this video in a workshop setting we went outside to find fragments that would speak to us and provide some fresh direction about life and purpose. It proved to be a moving session. The broken pieces of plastic electrical tubing I found lying amid a part of the place that remained a bit of a wasteland spoke to me of having been broken. They reminded me that while they had served their purpose and could no longer contribute I could mend those bits within that had been broken.

Elizabeth Gilbert’s talk about nurturing creativity is well worth listening to.

As an aside this image of a winged genius facing a woman with a tambourine and mirror, is from southern Italy, about 320 BC.

Contemplate the notion of Genius that Gilbert presents. Consider how ‘your genius’  manifests itself and influences your daily life.

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5 responses to “Nurturing Creativity”

  1. Pelican1 says :

    I love this video. I have seen this before (over and over) and I so resonate to it. Thank you for putting this in front of me again!

  2. woodnymph says :

    And O lei to you for sharing this video. Ms. Gilbert’s message is one that I as a creative being need to take to heart. I tend to give up too easily. I need to grab at these ideas that float in the air toward me, not just sit and let them float away, lost forever to me.


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