Virtual Scrapbooking

This app would have been useful when I was having my house made over but I will enjoy collecting some more ideas. It will save searching through magazines.

This app could be used with students for a multitude of purposes. I would have them gather ideas about a character’s home and possessions but equally it could be used by design and visual art students.

Home design inspiration at your fingertips.

So long scrapbooks and online bookmarks! Thanks to the new Houzz app for iPad, you now have a digital place to sort, save and share your favorite home design ideas. With over 40,000 gallery and 50,000 idea books to browse, Houzz has the largest database of home-inspiration gallery on the net, which you can check out by style, room and location. And whenever you find ideas that speak to you, just save them to your own virtual idea book for offline access. Plus, you can find information on designers, architects and contractors from your area. But beware: Like candy for design addicts, once you start perusing the Houzz pages, it can be hard to stop. Consider yourself warned.

According to its loyal users, here are the top five features of the Houzz app:

1. In addition to beautiful gallery, there are thousands of helpful articles, which feature tips on how to improve the design of your house, as well as home decorating ideas.

2. The high-quality images, paired with the larger iPad screen, give you a real sense of how the rooms feel and flow.

3. You can join the Houzz community to post comments, ideas and questions for other users and designers. Plus, if you’d like a little feedback on your own house, you can even upload gallery of your home design projects for people to comment on.

4. Your personal idea book isn’t limited to just images. You can also makes notes to yourself about what you like about the spaces, so you’re not having to jog your memory each time you revisit a photo.

5. It’s completely FREE!


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