Writing a Good Ending

Back in the day, when I was a classroom teacher and pumped with passion about the teaching of writing, I drummed into my students the need to have an attention gripping beginning and a cracker of an ending. Endings involving waking up from some sort of bad dream or with lives neatly tied up were actively discouraged.

I would show my students movies like ‘Dead Poet’s Society’, point to the final scenes and remind them that there could be lots of tears, that we could be kept on our toes and that everyone did not have to be a winner, grinner or live happily ever after.

Now as I enter a phase of my life which some call ‘The Third Act’ a lot of the suggestions I find on sites about this stage of life horrify me. Many sites are ‘E’ grade and if one of my students had presented me with such ideas I would have told them to come back when they could grab my attention.

So I changed my direction and trawled through other things that popped up when I typed ‘The Third  Act’ into the search engine.

Finding a site with advice for screen writers reminded of those lessons I gave on  essay writing. Successfully composing this new phase has all the hallmarks of a good essay or can be compared to writing and acting out a screen play.

Perhaps I will find an answer to writing a good ending for myself within advice about how to write a good ending for a screenplay!

Whatever! This site will divert my brain for awhile.

Meanwhile you could try writing up a script for the third act that does not involve ‘age specific’ activities.

To get started children, check out ‘The Ultimate Guide to Writing Better than you usually do’

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4 responses to “Writing a Good Ending”

  1. imogen88 says :

    About time someone broke some of those rules, Heather. Some of them are just plain not useful anymore. This is a fantastic blog.

  2. imogen88 says :

    Forgot to say I love that movie too. Brilliant.

  3. Anita Marie says :

    I spent almost a year in sreenwriting class, so I am going to do this- it looks like a lot of fun!

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