Tea Leaf Oracle

I have found Norman Doige’s work fascinating. At one point he alludes to an experiment that took place at Harvard a few years ago.

As a part of this experiment scientists brought in a bunch of volunteers and had them dutifully learn a keyboard exercise. They did this exercise before and after measuring the region of the motor cortex that controls the fingers.

As you would expect, that region of the brain expanded.

Interestingly, they had another group of volunteers just look at the music and imagine playing that same five-finger keyboard exercise. These volunteers did this for an hour or two a day, over the course of a five days.

The scientists measured their motor cortex region on Monday, and then again after imagining that they had been playing the piano for five days.

The result was that the same expansion of the cortex region had happened to the  volunteers who imagined playing as with the people who actually played the piano.

No wonder people talk about how thought can change the brain, because those people were doing nothing other than imagining and thinking.

A light went on  in my brain when I was reminded of the power of visualizations and I popped back and re-visited some of the visualizations I created in another life when I was actively working the Soul Food Cafe. While I was there I was reminded of a site that has been online since I first began working in cyber space over twelve years ago.

I am not sure what Willa Cline is doing these days. Like me she may have drifted away once Facebook became the dominant networking tool. Visiting the Tea Leaf Oracle was like a walk down memory lane.

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One response to “Tea Leaf Oracle”

  1. Jill says :

    What a fabulous find – I had not seen this before – has given me focus, thank you 🙂

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