Morning Ritual

Gold Commissioner Wright established a camp on the present town site of Castlemaine at the confluence of Forest and Barkers Creeks (the site is known today as Camp Reserve) . It briefly served as the administrative centre for all the Central Victorian goldfields. By mid-1852, his staff numbered 300. This camp provided the impetus for the emergence of a settlement which served as a supply centre for the local goldfields as they continued to spread out in all directions.

Camp Reserve is just a hop skip and a jump from my home and these days the old camp site is a playground where sporting groups gather, the annual show is held and which is the site for various agricultural displays  and swap meets. It is also the place where I meet with others and walk my dogs

The Camp Reserve is adjacent to the main railway line and the busy station, ferrying people to Melbourne, Bendigo and beyond is a short walk away.

Part of my morning ritual is to meet with another walker, walk the dogs at the reserve and wait for the 8:06 to depart to Melbourne, call in to the Coffee Stand in the station and then sit on the deserted station drinking the first cap of the day.

If someone had told me, five years ago, that this would be a daily practice I would have rolled my eyes, laughed and asked if they were on crack.

Now it is a way to begin my day. My dogs are agitating to get going by quarter past seven.

When we finally arrive at the station, often as everyone is ready to board to go to Melbourne, I rather like watching the bustle and movement and invariably spend moments wondering where they are going.

Aside from people gazing, watching the freight trains come through is a bit like watching floats at a parade. It brings back the thrill of youth for me. I can still see and hear those old steam locomotives going through the home town of my youth.

Back then it was the high point of my day. Jung does say that the way we played as children directs aspects of our lives later on. Who would have guessed that I would be back enjoying the sounds and sight of passing trains?

Take a moment and share a ritual that nourishes you.

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7 responses to “Morning Ritual”

  1. Sally says :

    That is a wonderful ritual, Heather. I love watching trains, ships, traffic, etc. My morning ritual is to wander out in the jungle that is currently my backyard and survey the landscape. Right now the lemon and orange blossoms are incredibly fragrant. I pause to listen to the bees humming as they buzz from blossom to blossom. As I walk towards the planter built against the back cinder block fence, my gaze is downward. I spy lady bugs, rolly pollies, and whatever other insect is in the grass. I water the roses, stopping to smell the three different varieties. My camera is always in the pocket of my pajamas and I keep myself challenged and entertained losing myself to photography. I water, rake the leaves, and empty any standing water. Eventually I wander back indoors leaving the sliding glass door open so I can listen to the birds. Soon enough it will be too warm to continue this ritual unless I get up earlier. However, I sleep from 3 am to around 10 am for now. Maybe I’ll try the front yard while it is still shaded by the house.

  2. Heather Blakey says :

    This sounds like an utter delight Sally. The landscape here is very different to what you describe. I am also walking a lot and taking in the natural surroundings. Like you I have a camera with me to make sure I capture some of the beauty that surrounds us here.

  3. Fran says :

    My childhood was filled with trains for we had a country postoffice and had to take the mail each morning–snow above our knees and a cold platform but I loved to look in the diner and envy the folk who were going far away.

  4. woodnymph says :

    I too, Heather, was a train watcher and knew just when every train was due to arrive. Unfortunately there’s no railroad near here so I can’t indulge in that delight any more. I do look around my small yard and check the bushes for visiting bugs, the good and the bad ones. I like to take their pictures. You can say that I wear my camera so I always have it at the ready. I don’t have it in my PJ pocket, however,but it’s a thought if and when I step outside in my PJs. I don’t make it a habit of going outside in my slumberwear…don’t want to scare the neighbors to death. 🙂


  5. Pelican1 says :

    My morning ritual during the week:
    1) Beat into silence the alarm clock with the impertinence to go off at 5 a.m.
    2) Ooze out of bed and crawl to computer. Read and answer email
    3) Begin morning hygiene and beauty regimen. Sandblasting and caulking required.
    4) Drive to work in semi-comatose state until coffee kicks in.
    5) Arrive at work. Re-read e-mail sent at 5:30 a.m. Commence damage control.

    Saturday and Sunday. Sleep in until 6. Do laundry.

    I really do need to revise this routine a bit, don’t you think?

  6. traveller2006 says :

    Love it Lori but do you really have to have the alarm clock go off at 5am? My routine depends on where I am. We’re off to Turkey tomorrow so my routine will be to get up early, make tea and go and write or work on the computer in my room until it’s time to drag DH from his slumbers. I like the early hours of peace and quiet. We may go for a daily walk with friends at 8.30 when they feed some of the local stray cats and dogs and then may share breakfast with them. Once it’s warmer we’ll be swimming with them too (not the cats and dogs, friends I mean). After that it’s off to do whatever needs doing that day, a bit of shopping, a bit of socialising, going with the builder – who’s supposed to be building us a new pergola – to the builders yard, going to a Turkish lesson. Maybe a bit of zumba is there’s still a class. A bit of art, read a book, cook something, drink something ….

  7. Pelican1 says :

    I have to leave for work at 7:30 and I do like to do a bit of writing or arting before I have to get dressed and ready for work. I don’t always bounce out of bed at 5 a.m. but I am usually starting the process no later 6. Weekends I don’t need to be out the door so early but my body clock usually wakes me up at about the same time. It’s okay — all joking aside — I am my most creative and industrious early in the morning.

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