Composing a Lifestyle

It is a short walk to the Castlemaine Botanical Gardens from my home and I have been basking in the autumn colors there.

Making the decision to live alone in a regional town and removing myself from the mainstream workforce has meant that I need to compose a new lifestyle for myself.

If I do not want funds to dry up too quickly then I need to be prepared to cut my cloth according. My mother felt that she had to skrimp and scrap to make ends meet. Given the times in which they lived she did a remarkable job of providing for a young family on a limited budget. Family picnics in the great outdoors, with the bar-b-que and a host of home made food remain a fond memory.

These days I am looking back to some of the things my parents did for ideas about how to live now. As I wandered the web checking out ideas I have stumbled upon some interesting sites. A whole movement about living frugally has sprung up since the Global Financial Crisis changed so many lives. Lots of people are returning to a simpler lifestyle.

There is no way I want to spend my days extreme couponing to save money but within some of the material about being more thrifty I am reminded of activities that help me compose this new lifestyle.

Purging the Urge to Splurge offers fifty activities that do not dip into funds. If you can add any more suggestions or share your favorite destinations and warm memories that would be wonderful.

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2 responses to “Composing a Lifestyle”

  1. Sally says :

    I, too, have been living much more frugally. My favorite thing to do is to explore my own back yard, especially with my camera. I would add gardening and digging in the earth. Seeds are pretty cheap and it is amazing to see the flowers blooming and know you had your hand in it.

  2. traveller2006 says :

    I would add:
    -use your computer and skype to talk face to face with someone you haven’t spoken for a long time
    – repurpose clothes from a yard sale. You can make a neat necklace with old buttons, for example

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