Ever Optimistic

An elderly friend, who is still very healthy, told me that she does not fear death. When her spirit leaves her body she is looking forward to going on a great adventure and is going to return as a sprite who can explore all the secret caverns of mother nature.

This made sense to me, just as the Indian proverb resonates.

In what manner will you live your life in order to rejoice upon dying? In what way do you talk of death?


7 responses to “Ever Optimistic”

  1. Pelican1 says :

    As flawed as I am and as many times I miss the mark, I do embrace the Living God and strive to walk humbly and to do justice during the short time I am on this earth. And in believing and doing, I can face death unafraid.

  2. Heather Blakey says :

    An eye for an eye
    A tooth for a tooth

    Within the field of rushes
    Lies the heart of one
    Mother, daughter, wife, sister, friend,
    Whose time in this realm is done?

    Within the field of rushes
    Lies the heart of one
    Teacher, counsellor, advocate, imagineer, friend
    Who took but gave an eye, a tooth, a shoulder

    Earth to Earth
    Ashes to ashes dust to dust

    Within the field of rushes
    Lies a heart of one
    Who gave more than she took
    Who returns to the source

    As light as a feather

    Heather Blakey March 29 2005

  3. Sally says :

    When faced with decisions I ask myself “What is the right thing to do?” And I don’t mean what is right for me. I believe in Karma.

    I spent time with my father as he passed and he has found ways to communicate with me since. I have no fear of death now…even if no one is in the room I know I won’t be alone. Dad said there were loved ones waiting for him to cross over.

  4. porchsitter says :

    Good quote and lovely poem, Heather. I’m a Christian, so even though I may fear the dying process, I have no fear of death. The greatest gift I’ve ever received is my faith in Christ and his promise of being with Him and all believers one day for all eternity.

  5. Jill says :

    I don’t have a clear answer yet – I am still learning. A thought provoking question – thank you and it’s fabulous to ‘see’ you again 🙂

  6. imogen88 says :

    This is lovely poetry musing from the wise elder! I think you just have to live, and what we think now isn’t what we think when we are older, etc.

  7. Anita Marie says :

    After I lost my nephew and shortly before him my Wolfgang I used to rush. I rushed to work, I rushed through my day I felt like I was running all of the time. Now I take things much more slowly. Life rushes by just because that’s in it’s nature, Well I’m not going to let it do that anymore. If I have to grab it by the collar and yank it back I will because I want every damn minute I’ve got coming to me.

    And when I die I’m going out kicking and screaming just like the way I came into this world. It seems fitting.

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