Showing Nous

It frustrates me that there is so little good material on the magazine stands these days. There is nothing I like better than pouring over some magazines that are actually full of inspired ideas that not only resonate for me, but feed my personal interest in gardening and the lifestyle of everyday people of all ages, as compared to the lifestyle of celebrities.

I still enjoy ‘Country Style’ and ‘Slow’ and a visit to the doctor or, more likely the hairdresser, does provide the opportunity to check out mags I would never consider buying.

As I seek inspiration about how to live now that so many of the people who filled my life are gone I remind myself of the huge amount on the web. It is a bit hit and miss but sometimes treasure appears.

It was, therefore, with some delight that I  discovered the Empress of Dirt. As a part of composing a new life for myself I recently moved house. I am currently putting down roots in Castlemaine. I have a rather big yard just waiting to be ‘styled’ imaginatively. This Empress has some cool ideas that I can apply in my backyard with no great cost.


Aside from cool dirt ideas anyone who asks ‘ What if Climate Change is a Hoax?’ and publishes this cartoon has mind patterns that interest me.

Seems there is evidence of nous out there! I will have to keep checking out what the Empress is up to.

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